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Welcome to Multiverse Comics 'N Games - where no power in the [multi]-verse can stop us from selling you comics!

Our store will be closing permanently on December 23rd, 2022. 


Stay up to date with all our latest events! Come in person to play Magic The Gathering, various board games, HeroClix, and more!


See our store location and hours, and reach out to us!


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Image by Erik Mclean

We sell comics (both new and old), figures, statues, board games and card games, comic supplies, mangas, graphic novels, and comic book bundles.u!

Learn about what makes us interested in the multiverse!

Image by Alexander Shatov

Check out our videos discussing and reviewing the latest superhero movies, board games, and comics!

Check out other universes in the multiverse for other needs you never knew you had.

Image by Bryan Goff
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